episode 49: understanding racism at work

Live Episode in partnership with the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management

The events that have unfolded in our country since Memorial Day, when George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, have been staggering. People all over the world have been sad, lost, outraged, and grasping for what can be done to help. Help has taken so many forms. Some have taken to the streets in protest, some have donated food, essential items, money, and time. Some are taking their activism to the legal system to push for change. 

At Professional Humans, we support the idea that everyone has to choose the form of help that personally works best. We also think that in addition, we must all spend time reflecting and learning to become better allies. In order to help our listeners develop empathy, work to reduce biases, and examine our allyship, we are trying to bring as many conversations to you as possible. In these conversations, we will hear black professionals share their day to day experiences at work and what they need in an ally. 

In partnership with the University of Minnesota‚Äôs Carlson School of Management, we are honored to have hosted a virtual event on June 25th, featuring students of the Carlson School as well as professionals from our community to share knowledge and experiences that we will all be able to learn from.